If it were possible, I would say that ALLAH blessed me with an OVER abundance of ability to dream, think, reason, and create. But that is impossible because everything He does is simply perfect in proportion. So, with that being the case, I am very grateful for a space to empty my thoughts, my dreams, my inner reasoning and ramblings. In other words, my musing. This space will incorporate thoughts, advice, and information stemming from the various areas of me – deen (my faith – Al-Islam), entrepreneurship, jewelry crafting, nature watching, people-loving and even some marriage stuff (I think having successfully remained married to the love of my life, Abdul Jalil Muhammad, for seven years to this point qualifies me to share a thought or two on the subject…#IJS). And, just so you know in advance, I love interaction so I will be looking out for your comments and very welcoming of your feedback.

A little personal background about me: I a wife and friend. An entrepreneur. A proud Muslimah. Having embraced the faith of Islam over twelve years ago, I am a proud Muslimah (female Muslim) who implements the values of Islam in my approach to everything in life. My  passion lies in teaching the art of entrepreneurship and in hand-crafting the beautiful jewelry and wearable art pieces that make up my Just Naturally Cute Things jewelry collection. The most important thing you should know about me – “I am pleased with ALLAH as my Lord, Islam as my Deen and Muhammad, salalla alahi wasalaam, as my Messenger”.