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The High School Dance & Entrepreneurship

Party sillouhette

Many of us approach entrepreneurship with the same mentality we did our high school dances and parties. There was always excitement at the prospect of showing up, but once there we would stand by idly watching impressively at those on the dance floor moving with confidence and ‘doing the darn thang’. The same with entrepreneurship for us now. We are at all the events – attending the live, virtual and one-on-one events – but ultimately only watching others confidently move forward successfully. In either scenario, YOU could be the one others are watching because both, dancing and entrepreneurship, are skills and any skill can be learned and mastered.

“…both, dancing and entrepreneurship, are skills and any skill can be learned and mastered.”

For those of you who have been attracted to the idea of entrepreneurship but have chosen to watch others growing in it instead of jumping in yourself, now is the time for you to take a next step. Muscle are built only through exercise. Flowers grow because they are watered. Water boils because heat is applied and making decisions create results! YOU will only become a business owner by moving toward entrepreneurship! The art of entrepreneurship has principles that can be studied and practice. Making the decision to learn these principles and coupling them with the brilliant idea and/or ability you naturally possess is what will get you the results you need to become as successful as those you admire, inshaa ALLAH (God willing).

It is easy to become overwhelmed with the startup process and bogged down in confusion. Confused minds do nothing which probably explains the wallflower position you may currently hold. Let me share a few tips in an effort to get you unstuck.

  • Keep it bite sized

So, start with what you are able to do and do it to the best of your ability…one thing I am sure you can do is READ, since that’s what is happening now. Take that ability and go seek out something you think you need to know to get some action going.

Any progress is good progress, so do something. The saying ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees’ rings true with business also. While I do highly recommend starting with the end in mind, I don’t recommend focusing on the in between. Do what is within your capacity to do at this moment and only focus on that. With all the Tips & Tricks, Tools & Hacks and Cheat Sheets available to you for free download on the internet and in business books found in your local library, you surely can find ample assignments to keep yourself busy when it comes to your business. The funny thing about this is the more you do, the more you will suddenly find yourself able to do and in the doing you’ll constantly be acquiring new knowledge and a growing skill base that opens the door to more you are able to do.

  • Admit your weakness

Admitting your weakness is probably the greatest strength you will ever have as a business owner. Admitting your weakness forces you to let go of what you know you can’t do and immediately clears some of the clutter in your path. Admitting your weakness forces you into action. It will cause you to seek out someone who is able to compensate for that weakness in you or motivate you to grow your knowledge and skill base to tackle it. Either way, it promotes progress and as I already told you above, any progress is good progress.

  • Contact me!!!!!

You may just need someone to help you develop a plan and that is what I do. Together we will come up with a series of next steps that will keep you moving toward the vision you have of business ownership, inshaa ALLAH (God willing). Visit my website and let’s connect,

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